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Thursday, Aug. 09, 2012 - 11:32 a.m.

Two Wrongs Enable a Third

When we have been wronged:

We have the choice of being
depressed or angry-

I always choose anger
because in the end
the memory of having fought
always beats the memory of
having been defeated because I quit, because depression is doubt
and in the end
all you can expect is to
end up with regret
wrapped in a grudge
.. Cancer in the making

anger will subside over time
when the correct actions have been taken
but depression doesn't subside
it just gets worse because no correct actions have been taken

Nobody can feel your feelings
except yourself.

I encourage you
to stand up for yourself

Everybody else-
and thats every-body else
wants all nice-ie nice nice -
and will seduce you
into betraying yourself
for their temporary ease & comfort because they fear
_ever having to stand up
for _themselves..

they imagine they are not
part of nature
as they watch whales

they fear a moral stand
from anybody driven
by good old fashioned
...moral outrage
that they don;t want to
hear about as it reminds them
they failed,
are failing
and will continue to fail
to be real
and if anything
happens like that to
them they will get squished
like Sponge Bob

I no longer care
what anybody says thinks
if they will not stand up for themselves..

We;re adults
not aging children,
Mommy won;t fix it-

We have to fix it ourselves
so it doesn't happen again.

Morally lazy humans
are the most dangerous things
on earth..


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