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Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020 - 4:31 p.m.

Christmas Eve
The cats chase down a squirrel
One makes him zig zag and the other one
Picks him off
A fat one
A rare red one
Sad thing is someone is waiting
for that squirrel to come home
And join the nest of supportive squirrels
But he will never get there
I looked in, the squirrel is dead
there is no rescue potential
I let it go since there is nothing I can do
But had he lived,
Id be tending to an injured squirrel right now
behind some closed door
and when he was fine
release him quietly to join his family
Cat # 1 is singing a throaty death song
and is so happy right now
Cat #2 is looking on wanting to claim credit -
with some variation of the throaty death song
But no- this wasCat #1's
And he will game tonight with his prize
Cat # 2 can only gorge on kibble
And sigh
The sweet natured Cat # 1
is the death weilder in the family
If he weighed 100 lbs
He would have eaten me long ago

We are all pursuing different goals in this world
At different times
and hardly notice the
Cross overs in intentional spiritual energy
Somehow its a seamless cloud
of desire and accomplishment

I am sorry for the squirrel community tonight
They lost a star
I have probably seen him/her many times
during acorn season
and he/she seen me frequently
But the cats are absolutely delighted in the bonus
Of his big furred corpse on the hall of doom
Where they drag all their victims
Thats where the November wood rat blew his last whistle
But rats, who wants a rat? Just rats want rats
everybody wants a squirrel
And a fat red one
It just doesn’t get any better than this
Depending on who you ask


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