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Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018 - 11:03 p.m.

Red Underwear
Going to court. That website that never paid me
for a lot of artwork and writing
they just decided it was cheaper to break my heart
and not pay me than to pay me.
They were my best pals while
I was I was bringing in content every morning
they loved it, yes I was on their team
I made sure they knew I was freelance
and not staff .. they're staff
they get a paycheque and a dental plan
Im freelance, here;s my invoice
no dental plan for me or any perks whatsoever
When I asked for my money for work done re the invoice
indifference and soft dismissal
someone upstairs would handle that
Where's my money ? How about today ?
What money ? They told me I was a volunteer
a what? a what ?
a volunteer,, there was no money for volunteers
let me talk to your boss
NO- do not harass the boss
the smell of rats
spy around and ask other employees who the owner was
sent him my invoice
boss had no idea what was going on
he saw my work but payment was the
on the floor editors responsibility
indifference and soft dismissal
as if I was mistaken
I was no longer working there
can;t fore a freelancer
all they can do is stop calling
Resent the invoice to the boss by registered mail
he ignored it
got a lawyer
lawyer sent a demand letter
they ignored it
started action
action costs thousands of dollars to pull off
so lawyer added damages and costs
suddenly my invoice is worth much more than the billed work
boss sends me a refusal letter
I guess there is poor communication between
the owners and the editorial bosses
and nobody speaks about paying freelancers
they just gaslight me try to break my heart
hoping I go away mad' but go away
didn;t work
I am the damaged party
I laid the complaint
they're dismissive stance won't work in court
which is exactly why I paid for a remedy hearing
invoice- pay it or explain why they shouldn;t pay it
they have no excuse or exemption
and they sort of know it but are loathe to admit it
It cost them a lot to settle
and I am in no mood for discounts

the bosses and the editor have to
appear in court to explain why they didn;t pay my invoice last year
they can say whatever they want
I have already read their defence
whew, they don;t have much to show

they will have to pay me for my artwork they admit they used
plus damages
plus my costs
They will hate me more than they do already
and will never hire me again
I don;t want to work there
I am building in my own bonus
and benefits package
What were thy thinking?
That I would be sad, go home
and give up ?
I went home
and called a lawyer

Corporations are not invincible
I am invincible
and don;t forget it

and it helps to be right
and have the paperwork and timeline
and a lawyer who appreciates my work
and new underwear

tomato red underwear
just in case my pants fall down
I will still remain invincible

I always believe my instincts
strengthened with research
a working knowledge of the law
and red underwear


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