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Friday, Sept. 04, 2020 - 4:34 p.m.

Those Foolish Little Covid Masks

This madness will only end for you when you end it
and defend that move against the mask zombies

We are still part of nature with all the push and shove that must occur
to make real time progress
I have never worn a mask
although I had a few here since early January
If anyone insists I mask comply or not participate
then I don’t participate
Its that simple but it has never come up
they always back down
because they don’t believe themselves
but they do fear authority however lame that may be

The only heat I ever experienced
was a loudmouthed customer at the corner store
Who was virtue signalling in public
by shouting out across the length of the little corner milk store
that I ( that guy over there ) was not not wearing a mask in a store
which was against the rules

The other customers were my friends
and knew a confrontation was brewing
So I asked the masked liberal
if he had a cell phone?
He answered crisply yes he did
I insisted he dial 911
and we can all resolve this in court
Yes he will have to attend to be a witness
It will only a be a day or two off work for him
A week tops

He threatened to call his Dad
who used to be a cop
I invited him to go ahead and call his Dad
after he made his purchase since he was next in line
Ill call my Dad and they can fight it out

I was getting laughs from the other customers
As the liberal lad exited
he threatened to call the authorities
I said Ill be out front in ten minutes
In my best cartoon cowboy voice I claimed
to have served time in the big house
for killing a man.. Id do it again if necessary

The other customers were now
laughing immoderately
They knew I bullshitting
Liberal bully in the mask
was unsure what was going on

He drove away noisily in his truck
before I could meet him to exterminate him
I bought my milk and rode my bike home
on the wrong side of the highway
so I could see his truck approaching
If he decided to get nasty
with no witnesses around

I learned that trick from watching Dragnet
He can’t drive the wrong way on a public highway
but I certainly can
and get away with it

Screw these neurotic
pseudo sanitary compliant idiots
They melt so easily
if we will only stand up to them
and free them from their little prison

Nobody cares
They just pretend to care
like they pretend to be jolly at Christmas
In a away I am grateful for that
vast lapse of integrity
it makes my job as an asshole
So much easier


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